Friday, February 4, 2011

Dogs in Snow

Our dogs are almost 11 years old. They have always been outside dogs. They don't even like the inside. But of course they have a doghouse each which is in a sheltered "condo" which has a tarp over it. So they are pretty protected. They also have about five blankets each inside their houses. A few years ago we got them heat lamp so they are pretty well protected. (In the summer they have their own swimming pool.) I have been worried because of the cold here, serious cold. Right now it is 22 degrees and that is about as warm as it has been this week. But being outside dogs I still wanted them to be comfortable in the cold. They have always eaten dry dog food but with their age and the cold we have been adding canned food to their meals. Allison gave us a can awhile back and we used it. They liked it so we got some more. I kid you not this stuff smells like beef stew. So we put it in their dry food, stirred it up and served it. They scarfed it down like it I would El Fenix cheese enchiladas.  After that they played in the snow. Now they are back in their houses taking naps. Not very different from humans are they.

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