Friday, February 4, 2011

I Love Snow

I love snow. I think it must come from living in Illinois when I was a little kid. I learned to ride my bike in the snow. I love the crunch it makes when you walk in it. I love the silence it seems to cause. If you just stand and listen you hear....quiet. I love the snow making the trees look lacey. The weather people told us it was going to snow again. We got not quite 4 1/2". It is 20 degrees. It is not going anywhere for a while. We have had more snow in the last three years than I can remember ever having in all the years I have lived in Texas and that is a long time. I have decided that it is because grand-daughter Jo LOVES snow. She just knows every year there is going to be snow. We always say don't count on it and then it does. Scout on the other hand is not impressed. So everyone, just enjoy this snow and cold weather. It won't be long before we will all be complaining that it is 105 degrees.

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