Monday, February 7, 2011

New Mug

A few years ago when JE moved to Florida we began to love flamingos. Not because they are in Florida, there are very few there contrary to popular belief. We started liking them because everyone makes fun of them. They are really very fine birds with the most beautiful colors. We also found that I could find more things with flamingos on them here in Texas than JE could in Florida, weird. I have found plates, cups, placemats, socks, shirts, pajamas, stuffed toys, lawn flamingos (plastic and metal and yes I have both) even bed sheets (yes I have those too). Now lest this sound obsessive they are not everywhere, I have just a few I like to use and look at. Yesterday we watched the Super Bowl (big yawn for the game but the food was great) with Joseph and Caitlin. They had been to World Market and knowing my fondness for flamingos got me this new coffee mug. I love it. It is large and holds a lot of coffee. Let's hear it for those dang cute flamingos!

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