Tuesday, July 24, 2012

13 Years Ago

After going out into the heat today I thought I would post a picture of my trip to Alaska, where it is nice and cool. Then while looking at pictures I realized that it was 13 years ago this week Allison and I made that trip. It was so much fun. We flew into Anchorage and rented a car for eight days. None of that being on a schedule for us. As I looked through the pictures I realized I couldn't post just one. So here are a few of my favorites. It was one of my most favorite memories ever.

Denali National Park. Note the bus on the road. The height still freaks me out.

View from atop Exit Glacier. Note the tiny people in the riverbed below.

View from Byron Glacier

We hiked in about a mile in to see the glacier. We later found out that a bear had been spotted here earlier in the day.

One of my most favorite pictures of the trip. Byron Glacier is barely visible behind us. This picture was taken by the only other two people we saw on the hike. I am feeling much cooler now just remembering how chilly it was then.

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Angela said...

I have never been to Alaska, but it looks like a wonderful trip! It's good to think about being cool -- during the summer sometimes I actually forget what that's like:)