Sunday, July 22, 2012

Crochet Banner 2

The crochet banner has worked up quickly. I wanted to list the websites I got the patterns from. The Granny Square is just the pattern my Grandma taught me and can be found on most websites. The star is the Little Star Dishcloth by Elizabeth Ann White for . It can also be found on Ravelry. The triangle is from . I also got the idea for the cord from her. The heart is from . All of the sites have some wonderful ideas and projects.

These are the finished products. I love how the colors turned out. I need to spritz them so they lay more flat. I only made one star . It is going to be the center.

Bunny Mummy suggested making the cord in single crochet of two different yarns. I used the Lagoon and then got some white out of my stash. Worked perfectly. Now they need to dry and then can be hung up.

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