Thursday, July 12, 2012

Olympics vs Ravelry

Today on Facebook one of my friends posted a link to an editorial by Ruth Marcus at the Washington Post. Recently Ravelry has been hit with threats by the Olympic Commitee. The Committee feels that the Ravelympics that is held during the Olympic games is denigrating to the spirit of the "True Olympics" (emphasis mine). Supposedly now Ravelry has received two apologies from from the Olympic Commitee. Now I love the Olympics as much as the next American. Seriously who could forget the USA's win over Russia in hockey, but I find it a little sad when something as big as the Olympic Commitee feels threatened by a group of knitters who are only showing their support for their country and it's athletes. I mean Ravelry is worldwide. I have friends in many countries. Those friends want to support their teams too. Knitting is a great leveler. In contest we may all root for our own countries but in knitting a lace shawl with 000 size knitting needles and fine lace yarn, Ravelry friends are the people I go to when I have a knitting problem. So Olympic Commitee, get a grip. In these days when the economy is kindof in the toilet, you are going to want me to buy all kinds of stuff to support my favorite teams and athletes. Acting like the and denigrating my craft is not the way to have that happen. Check out the article. I will give you two links in hopes at least one works. Why I knit 

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