Sunday, July 22, 2012

Crochet Banner

I have been looking at some blogs and ran across crocheted banners. Several blogs have them and since for some reason I have been crocheting lately I decided I would make one up. I have a window that is an odd size. I tried some curtains but for some reason the wall just does not hold them correctly. So I got the idea to make a banner to go above the window. The walls are a sand color with white trim, what I call Florida looking since they match JE's house in Florida. I went through the stash and could not find a good color. Crazy Aunt Jane game me a gift card for Hobby Lobby for my birthday so I went to check out the yarn. They were have a huge clearance on yarn, guess to bring in some fall colors or yarn that did not sell that well. I saw it, my absolute favorite color in the whole world, blue. But not just any blue. When I was in third grade they called it peacock blue but I have seen it called Caribbean, lagoon, sky blue. This was a verigated called Lagoon #ED200-05 by Deborah Norville. I have used some of her yarn before and it is very soft. My only issue is that it is $4.99 for 3.5 oz. Because of that I only buy it on sale or clearance.

I have four patterns I am doing. A star, a heart, a triangle and a granny square. I am also using a size I hook. This is wonderfully soft yarn and the patterns work up fast.

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