Friday, October 23, 2009


Joseph made it home from Ft Benning yesterday. Amazingly he arrived in the middle of the night and I awoke to find his truck in the driveway and him in his bed. How this could have happened without me hearing him I do not know because I sleep very lightly and hear everything. I think it had to do with the rain, the busyness earlier in the day and the fact that because of the weather my RA was "speaking to me" and I had taken some Tylenol before I went to bed. All of that plus the fact that he was not supposed to leave Georgia until Thursday. But he is home and everyone is excited. The nieces came down to have lunch and as Jo told him, "We have to take you to Braum's". I did not take any pictures of the day because sometimes you just have to wait but this was earlier in the year. It is great to have him back in Texas.

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