Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Knitting, Knitting, Knitting

I have been knitting like crazy lately. Mostly to keep my mind off the fact that Joseph will be arriving soon and due to the fact that all the grandkids seem to need hats. We have had a lot of rain lately and I have been fortunate that the RA has not been affected by that and all the knitting. The top two hats are for Scout who has outgrown all her "baby" hats and at 7 months old needed a larger size. Both are out of I Love This Yarn. The first is called Jazz Stripe (my favorite) and the second is called Surprise Stripe. The blue and red hats are for the twins. They apparently like hats right now. I made them the same not because they are twins but so there would be no arguement over who's is who's. Apparently they are real boys, always playing rough and tumble. Their hats are a little different than Scout's. Her's has a brim that can be turned up and their hat can be pulled straight down. The last picture is of my Tofutsies that I finished, finally. All the other knitting I have done caused these socks to get put in the bottom of the basket. They are Tofutsies #921.
Well, tomorrow is the day. Joseph will be back home in Texas after four years active duty with the Army. I am expecting to hear the truck roll in the driveway sometime between noon and one. The chicken and dumplings should be ready and waiting.

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