Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Sock State of Mind

This fall I have been trying to finish any socks that have been set to the side while I did the baby knitting and the hat knitting. I am coming along on this mission. I have not been working on CookieA's Monkey sock because I have to think a little more and not be interrupted. So I have been knitting on the socks that I am using Yarn Harlot's Basic Sock Recipe pattern. These particular socks are a redo of the second pair of socks I made while learning how to handle four needles at one time. That was back in 2004 when I used a pattern out of a magazine and size 3US needles. Yes, we have had the discussion on these before when I made the orange Regia redo socks last year. These socks were ginormous and sat in the drawer never worn. So in my quest to use up the sock yarn I have in my stash, this simply to make room to go get more sock yarn, I got out the Regia blue stripe socks that I had ripped out and put into balls. I knew there would not be enough of the original blue, green, black yarn to make two complete socks. So I went to Shabby Sheep and got a blue in a very close match. I decided to make the rib, heel and toe blue and the body of the sock the stripe. I think the first one came out really nice. It took me 6 days to knit it. That must be a record because usually even with concentrated knitting it takes longer. The second sock is cast on and already halfway down the leg. I used my favorite 2.5mm needles. The blue is Regia 4 Fadig #1988, Royal Blue. The stripe is a mystery. I do not have the label to check it and I looked in my stash and my knitting journals and there is not record of the color. I looked on the internet but it must have been discontinued by this time. It was a Regia 4 Fadig too but I have no color number. If you happen to know the name/number of the color let me know as it has been bugging me not to be able to add it to my list.

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