Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Still Waiting

Yes, I am still waiting for the soldier to get to Texas. So since that is a little shall we say stressing I decided to put pix of the hats for the girls. First is the redo of the Surprise Stripe hat for Scout. I like it much better. I ripped out the first one and will use that yarn for something else. Secondly, Jo wanted the Jazz Stripe hat so here she is with hers. It is just the standard pattern I use for her. Fortunately she has not outgrown that size and it can be knitted up in a couple of hours. Lastly are the Fixation socks are finally finished. I started them I think in June and they got put back for some other things. I am not one to have only one project on the needles but on my Ravelry projects page I am down to three. Of course this does not count the couple of other projects I am finishing up. So I am off to work on another project as I listen for the sound of the soldier's truck to roll into the driveway.

1 comment:

lauriec said...

Love the hats & socks (Fixation is a favorite of mine).

Sorry about your soldier! I hope you hear the sound of his truck soon!