Monday, October 8, 2012


Recently on Pinterest they had a post on how to soften yarn. I thought I would try it on some Red Heart I was going to use on the skeleton and pumpkin hats. I followed the directions. Take off the label, loosen the yarn a little, put it in a small laundry bag and wash. I followed the intructions. This is what I got.

After. Yeah.
After about two hours it looked like this. I used this yarn for the previously posted pumpkin hats.
Interestingly this is how the other two came out. Fine.
I decided I had loosened the skeins too much so I tried it again. Took off the labels, did not loosen the skeins, put it in the laundry bag  and threw it in the washer.
This is what I got. Crazy.
So I decided that it must have to do with the skein itself and it is a toss up as to whether you will have yarn barf or not. I guess it is theraputic to untangle the yarn. I do know it does make it softer, although I did add some softener to the rinse.

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Jane said...

Oh my Gosh....I thought the yellow was spaghetti! Sorry I wasn't there to untangle...I am better at that than anything else.