Sunday, October 28, 2012

Jo's Hooded Scarf

Jo wanted a hooded scarf but could not find a pattern she liked. We were not too big on the ones that have a point on top of the head so we just created our own pattern. I used Red Heart Team Spirit yarn in Red/Grey #0988. I cast on 20 st and knit for 16". I then added 35 st more for the top of the hood. After knitting 24" I decreased back to 20 st and knit 16" more. We played with the pattern while I was knitting to get what Jo and Allison thought would be a good length. We thought of using lion buttons at the neck to pull the hood closer in. The lion is her school mascot. It was hard to find lion buttons and after we got them we did not like that idea. So we ended up seaming the top shut. Because we really were making this out of the air when we seamed the top the stripes did not match but Jo liked it.
What I liked about the fact that we just experimented was that the scarf is wide enough at the back of the neck that when Jo wears her coat it fits right over the scarf.
I love how this turned out. No cold wind blowing down your neck.
We decided to add the tassel so the hood was not pointy. I think I got a little carried away on the size of the tassel. I braided the strand to hang it from and added the tassel. Before I gave it to her I told Jo I would redo the tassel. It really is a little big, but she liked it.
This yarn stripes itself and comes in many school colors. It is a little rough as a lot of Red Heart is and if I use it again I will use the soften idea (earlier post) before I begin the project. But I liked the self striping.
Apparently Jo liked her hooded scarf enough she decided she would wear it a bit the house.

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