Wednesday, October 3, 2012


The other day Coach was off work and decided he would make supper. A side note here, I have always said supper. All my kids now say dinner. Wonder when it changed. Realize that is of no importance but just a curiosity. Recently I have been spending way too much time on Pinterest. Personally I think it is a lot more fun than Facebook which I find kind of boring. Between Pinterest and Ravelry I have added so many things to my list of want to do, make or eat that I don't think I will ever accomplish it all. Now back to the original thought. Coach found a recipe called "Oven Roasted Sausages, Potatoes, and Peppers" and decided he wanted to make it. It was very yummy. This was not a recipe that I thought I would be that excited about but it was really good. It is quick and easy.

The picture was an afterthought. Look it up on Pinterest for the recipe. A super simple dinner.

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