Saturday, September 29, 2012

Pumpkin Hats

My grandkids, kids and close friends are never without hats. I so enjoy whipping up a hat. Sometimes kids out grow them or maybe need one they did not have before. Scout wanted a pumpkin hat. She has never had one and since she seems to love Halloween, and that is putting it mildly, I said I would make her one. Then Jo said her old one from when she was three was too small. Well yeah I guess so. So this week I made up two hats. I just used my standard roll brim pattern. We did them a little different this time. I wanted to use triangle black buttons but we could not find them anywhere, even the internet. So we decided to use felt for the eyes and nose and rickrack for the mouth. I used Liquid Stitch to glue them on and then did a little thread stitch in the corners as reinforcement.

Scout, my little Halloween Queen.
My Jo
Ears covered and fits over the ponytail. Very important.
Jo wanted to be silly in her new hat. I said give me the good pix first and then you can be crazy. Here is the result.
She cracks me up!
I mean really, these kids crack me up.
Now it is time to finish Allison's Skull and Crossbones hat for her Halloween costume. Then we move on to Snowmen hats.

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