Friday, September 7, 2012

Car Blankie

Scout was using Jo's Glow in the Dark car blankie in the car the other day. Yeah it was 104 degrees here yesterday but they like the little things. I had some Glow in the Dark Yarn left from a few years ago and I decided she needed her own "glow" blankie. Since I have been in a crochet mood I decided I would crochet it. These little blankies are so great for kids. I have made car blankies for all the grandkids. It gives them something soft to cuddle with on long car trips or a trip to the grocery store.

Scout loved it! I had some green and white and just chained 51 and used double crochet. Then I crocheted till I got to a point and changed color. I did find out that it was going to be a little too big if the colors were even so I did 10 rows of the first green and then 8 rows of the white and then 8 more rows of green. I always make car blankies 12"x12".  Notice the huge crochet hook. She wants me to teach her how to use yarn. We gotta try that soon.

I used Bernat Glow in the Dark yarn in Green Glow #22215 and Glow Worm White #22005. I have not seen this yarn in a couple of years so perhaps not everyone liked it as much as we did. If you "charge" it up in the light it glows so cool in a dark room. I would love to find some in Christmas colors.              Look at that smile.

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SaudiNana said...

Cute idea! Wish I could find glow yarn now. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! I really need to try and make time to go on it and post! Have so much to tell. Am enjoying my two babies as well. Spent last night, all day today, and tonight babysitting while mom and dad are on staff retreat. :)