Friday, October 5, 2012

Skull and Crossbones Hat

Allison wanted a Skull and Crossbones hat to wear for her Halloween costume this year. I could not find a good adult size hat pattern but found Pippi's Skull and Crossbones baby hat pattern on both Ravelry and Pinterest. I had to adapt the baby pattern to adult size. I used Red Heart Black #0312 and Red Heart Pretty N Pink #0722. There is a back story to my "pre-washing" the yarn to soften it but that is for another post.

 I could knit it two ways, carry the pink yarn or overstitch after knitting. I chose to overstitch because I was having an issue with loose spots while carrying the yarn. It actually came out ok except for the fact that the black is really black and hard to see. But this was a first go on the revised pattern and I already am planning to make another, just not in black.
Side view.
 Because of the size of the skull that goes across the front of the hat  I felt the hat was about two or three rows too long. I think we are going to take those rows out and also squish the skull a little more narrow. I am also thinking of changing the decrease rows so it won't be so tall. This side view shows Allison had turned up the little rib at the bottom of the hat. But better a little long and cover the ears than too short.
I do like the colors but think that since I am revising the pattern it will take a couple of more times before I feel comfortable with the pattern.

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