Thursday, October 4, 2012

Apollo 13

Yes, I know last night was the first Presidential debate but I seriously could not take it. I am a news junkie but I have to draw the line at the debates. So what to watch while I am finishing up a skull and crossbones knitted hat? As I flipped through I saw that Apollo 13 was on. There you go, that is going to be it. I love this movie. I was in high school when the actual event happened. This version had "story notes" ever so often. These notes stated this incident or situation was an exact original quote or this was different from the actual event, ie; movie license. What was amazing was how closely the tiny facts were followed. Even though we know what happened at the end does anyone else sweat through the movie wondering if they will survive and get back to Earth? I do every time I watch it. There are several scenes that are "iffy" as to the astronauts survival which still "worry" you that they will find a solution to that particular problem. One thing that came to me about midway through the movie was how sad it is that we no long have a real space program. I remember sitting in the auditorium at school when John Glenn blasted off to circle the Earth. I don't mean to sound bad here but we now have to hitch a ride with other countries to get to the Space Station. I grew up in that excited era when men and women went into space and it was an unbelievable triumph for our country. I have my own ideas about what we could be doing with our government money and where we could cut some expenses so we could rebuild our space program. Watch this movie sometime and see if it does not give you a fantastic feeling, of what we can do, have done and hopefully what we can do in the future. It will make you proud.

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