Sunday, December 8, 2013

Frozen Day 3, Crochet, and Nativities

So on we go. It is day 3 for frozen ice. No pictures because it looks exactly as it did yesterday. All this inside time has gotten several things done. I have knitted two hats, worked on some crocheted Christmas ornaments and continued working on the no name crocheted afghan. I do not like to sew and again have put off running the yarn threads from the little granny squares. I worked on them some yesterday but they are my project for today. This afghan is based off a project I found on Pinterest so I will give info on it later. I had no real plan on how this afghan would come out. I just had these colors of yarn and decided to decide about how they would fit together as I worked on it. I have three sides to sew in and then there will be more with the last row of granny's so I thought I had better get part of them done now.

And now to today's Nativities. I mentioned the one that was from Israel earlier in the week. Today all three also came from other places.

Matthew and Corteney brought me this little nativity from Vatican City when they took their trip to Italy. The case is a rosebud.

Allison brought me this nativity from Spain. I love that the wise men are on an elephant, a horse and a camel.

This nativity, while not from another country, came from far away too. I bought it in Anchorage, Alaska when Allison and I went there on a trip. I thought it was cute. with the wolf, seal and moose.

So off I go now to work in all those afghan ends. I have promised myself I would finish them today and unless I go blurry eyed I am not going to work on anything else till they are done.

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