Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Still Hanging Around

I know, I know, everyone is sick of hearing about the weather in Texas. But...I have lived in Texas since 1963. I lived in Irving where they never let you out of school no matter what the weather was. This weather has been something I had never seen here. Snow usually comes and goes sometimes in 24 hours and it is very rare we even have anything at all. Sometimes we have some ice but in a couple of days it is gone. Actually I am tired of all those people who say why do we get so crazy about a little ice. It is because we don't have it so when it comes it is a shock to us. Also those people need to come and spend some time here in the summer where 105 degrees is basically just summer to us. Wonder how they would like that. Do I sound snarky? Yesterday it was 17 when I got up. Not much melting happening at that temperature. I did manage to go to Wal-Mart yesterday and picked up a couple of things. Nothing I really needed except for Diet Coke. Here is what was still hanging around.

The street was pretty clear so that is why I ended up making a little trip out. But the side streets still had ice on them. This is what it looked like this morning at 27 degrees:

The ice is still on the roof of the garage. I keep thinking I will see it slide off in a big pile. Almost all the grass is still covered but thankfully the streets look pretty good. Jo is out of school for the 4th day. They live out in the country and the school district just does not want any issues. I heard the streets and parking lot at the school are still skating rinks. This was the patio this morning:

I decided not to drink my coffee outside. We all will need to remember this cold weather this summer when it is 105 degrees.

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