Thursday, December 5, 2013

Nativity 2

I have several Nativity sets. Before the move two years ago I had more. I love collecting them. But due to downsizing it was time to pass on and share many of them. The ones I have now usually have special meaning to me as most were given to me not purchased by me.

These two are a couple of my favorites. But of course I will probably say that about every one that I post. The one on the left Matthew gave me. He bought it at a garage sale for 25 cents. I think he was maybe in junior high at the time. I had to re-glue baby Jesus back in, He kept falling out. In a way that sounds like it could be a study in itself. The one on the right Jo made me, well Allison made it with Jo's help. I think Jo was about two at the time.

On the left is a Nativity that Joseph gave me. I think he was in high school. The reason I give the approximate ages is that all my sweet kids are grown. So I love that I can look back and know how long I have had the sets. This one is a simple white with a touch of gold outlining a few areas. Beside this lovely Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus is one of my favorite sets. Yes, Mary, Joseph and the angel are red chili peppers. Baby Jesus is a green chili pepper. My sister-in-law, my grandchildren's Crazy Aunt Jane ( she calls her self this and so do we), gave me this one about twenty years ago. She was in New Mexico and said I needed it for my collection. Since then she has tried to find it again but to no avail. It truly is one of a kind.

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