Saturday, February 7, 2009

Busy Saturday

Today was a busy day. Jo's Daddy was gone working at the hunting grounds with Uncle Daisy so Jo and her Mom called and ask me if I wanted to go shopping for some of the baby stuff we still need to pick up. We are only four weeks away from the birthing day so it is getting time to tie up loose ends. We still have not found the baby book and several other things but we are almost done. We went to Home Depot also so that Allison could get TJ some surprise trees. They have been getting their orchard going and she wanted to surprise him with another apple tree and a plum tree, which they did not have. She also got another pear tree. We found a fig tree which she had been trying to find. Her Pop had one and it had great fruit on it. He kept it trimmed as more of a bush and the grandkids could pick the fruit without any help. We also found some more blackberry bushes plus a blueberry bush for Jo. Here is a picture of Jo excited at buying all the plants. She is "riding in her carriage" as she told me. What a hoot. It was a beautiful day in the middle 70's and yes it is the first week in February but hey, it's Texas. The first of next week it is supposed to be cooler and be raining. Well, we will see.

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