Thursday, March 4, 2010

Happy Anniversary

Five years ago today my daughter married the guy who became the best son-in-law anyone could ask for. It is hard to believe it has been five years. They have given me two of the most adorable grandgirls anyone could ever want. Of course Allison being my only girl I feel a special bond with her. TJ is everything a mom could want for her only girl. Not only does he adore Allison and his girls but he treats me very special. This is the guy who put in a new floor in my kitchen. When it was supposed to be an easy job and turned out to be harder and take longer than we thought he never acted frustrated even though I know he had to be. This is also the guy who warms up my car in the winter and hands me a cup of hot coffee to drink on a cold drive home. Have a Happy Anniversary and I am wishing you a gazillion more years of happiness. I love you both.

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