Wednesday, March 10, 2010

TJ's Hat

My son-in-law TJ, Jo and Scout's Daddy, is a pretty laid back guy. He can do, well, everything. Since he and Allison live on The Ponderosa he has a lot of "country" work to do. He is comfortable with himself. I prefaced this because I recently made him a hat. Yeah, I know, it was 75 degrees here yesterday but until Easter we could have a sudden freeze or snow or something. Also the wind blows hard out there and it sometimes feels even cooler than it is. He does have to tromp out to the south forty to gather the chicken eggs. One day a couple of weeks ago it was cold. He and Scout were going to gather the eggs and Allison told him to just grab a hat. Of course he lives in a house of women of various ages so there are probably going to be "pretty" hats sitting around. He grabbed the purple hat, put it on and he and Scout headed out to get the eggs. When I saw the picture I said this guy needs a hat. I mean he can wear whatever he wants to but he should have his own too. So I whipped up the blue/green Encore Worsted (#670) hat. I cast on and altered it to a no brim hat. After I was finished I decided it might be a little short over the ears. All that means is he will get another one with a few more rows added. So once I see it on him there will probably be another hat made. Love ya TJ.

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