Thursday, June 21, 2012

Found Yarn

Lately I have been wandering through some blogs on my blog roll. This of course leads to links to other blogs and the sudden realization you have been reading about knitting/crocheting for a couple of hours and using up all the ink out of your printer printing off patterns. I am not sure why but I was looking at a lot of crocheting, something I do but not as often as knitting. has some wonderful crocheted projects. I clicked on a couple of more links and found  and . These are wonderful sites for crocheting. I have crocheted since 1973 and but knit far more than crochet. Maybe it was going through all the crocheted doilies lately and thinking of my grandmothers that has sent me to these sites. I found a very cool crocheted heart on BunnyMummy. Also on Solgrim I found a half-granny shawl. I thought it would be fun to do and a change of pace. Hobby Lobby had a bunch of yarn on clearance so I thought I would get some for the shawl. I mean I have no yarn you know. When I got to Hobby Lobby I found out they closed at 8pm. It was 8:30. Well dang I wanted to start on it. It is not like I do not have enough knitting to work on. I hope you understand my frustration. Next morning I was digging around in the stash and "accidentally" ran across some yarn I had bought at least 7 years ago. It came with a cute bunting pattern I had wanted to do. Well I hated the yarn and did not like the pattern. The yarn was cotton. I am just not crazy about cotton. It just does not flow like alpaca, wool, or even some acrylics. I just do not care for it. Here it is.

It is Fantasy Naturale from Plymouth Yarns. It is 100% cotton. So I have three skeins. This is perfect. I can make the shawl and use yarn from the stash. A very satisfying feeling to say nothing of making room for more yarn. Coach had an appointment yesterday that was going to mean having most of the day with a lot of quality knitting time. By last night I had two skeins used up. This pix is before I finished the second skein.

I suddenly realize that this little project is going to take more than the amount of yarn I have to get the length where I want it. So today, before 8pm, I am stopping by Hobby Lobby and finding some sort of contrasting color that will go nicely with what is already crocheted. My main concern is matching the creamy white enough it does not look weird. We'll see what I can find.

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