Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hats From Scraps

I knit more when I am stressed. Well I knit simple when I am stressed. I am trying to use up scrap yarn on hats for Knit a Cap. Right now I have 160 hats and I don't ship till September. After I ship hats I knit scarves for soldiers with Operation Gratitude. I am fortunate that my RA does not keep me from knitting. My rheumatologist told me he would never tell me to stop knitting because it does keep the hands limber. Scrap yarn did not sound very nice. Actually it is mostly little balls of yarn that I end up with when I get bored with a certain color. Then I just match the colors I like and make a hat. I noticed Square Granny ( has been doing the same type of thing with afghans.

Actually this is not too bad. I have had a box full before.

A couple of hats I just finished. I just knit till the ball is gone and add another color.
Today is a perfect day for knitting. It is cloudy, rainy and 70 degrees which is so not Texas in June. Actually any day that ends in Y is a perfect day for knitting.

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abcsofra said...

Hats look terrific. Great color combos! I am not the knitter any longer in my household. Ihave passed the needles to my daughter to carryon.