Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pretty Warm Hat

A while back I made this hat. JE had made one and then gave me the pattern. It is made on size 15 needles with chunky yarn. I made it and thought it was ok but never sewed it up. I have been in a finish up mode lately (also a start another project because I can't concentrate mode) and decided to sew it up. It is very warm and fits nicely. Unfortunately I can't tell you what magazine it came out of because it is not on the bottom of the page but JE is checking for me. I love that it covers up the ears nicely. By the way not only is it on size 15 needles and chunky yarn but the yarn is doubled. It does knit up fast.

Lion Brand Jiffy Yarn #107 Denim

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Jane said...

Love, Love, Love the blue!