Sunday, August 12, 2012

Homespun Granny Square Afghan

I am still trying to clean out my stash of partially used yarns. I mean how can you add more to the stash if it is clogged with partially used skeins? I pulled out some Lion Brand Homespun yarn and found I could make some sort of small afghan. I used a size N - 9.00 mm hook.

Yarns: All Homespun
Holiday Homespun Starlight #200
Shaker #301B
Painted Desert #407
Quartz #362
Hepplewhite #300

I started with the Starlight and then decided as I went how far I wanted to go with each color. Once I had used all of them I decided another row of Starlight would be a good break. Then I just crocheted in the same order again. Ok so using left over yarn can have a down side. I did not have enough Starlight to do the edging that I thought I should do. So I had to buy, yeah, another white. Fortuanately I had a coupon. Since the Starlight was left over from Christmas I found Hepplewhite was also a bright white it just did not have the little gold strip through it.
I think it came out pretty good and will be nice to use once it ever starts cooling down, like in November.

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