Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What Was I Thinking?

The Daisy Afghan is coming along nicely. I added two more colors. Caron's Simply Soft in Celestial (blue) #0011 and Ocean (also blue ) #9759. Before this thing is done there may be even more colors added. There are some really nice ones and I may weaken.
Coming along nicely. I really enjoy connecting the squares together as I go.
What was I thinking when I started this??
Look closely.
Oh the humanity! Perhaps it is just me. I have always hated sewing be it clothing or ends on knitted/crocheted projects. I have been so excited about the colors of the squares and the fun of putting the afghan together as I go that I have avoided the inevitable....hiding all those little yarn tags. I think perhaps I should spend the afternoon working on these instead of doing more squares. Perhaps I will do three more just to have the blankie even. I am weirdly big about that sort of thing, balance.

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ponderthis said...

Love, Love, Love the darker colors mixed in!!!!