Thursday, August 30, 2012

New Yarn

I have a great sister in law. I am not saying that because she brought me yarn. We have always gotten along and had fun together. Back in the 70's I would drive up to her house every week on my day off and we would have lunch and shop or look for stuff we might need that week. We have a lot of people named Jane in our family. We have found ways that when we say Jane we know which one we are talking about. When the great nieces and nephews came along, SIL Jane took it upon herself and gave herself the name "Crazy Aunt Jane". This is not because she is crazy, well I guess she's not, but because she is fun and will do just about anything. Recently she and BIL Jerry took a trip to Maine. In the middle of the trip I got a call. Nothing was wrong, she had come across a local alpaca farm and wanted to pick some up for me. Whoa. I love alpaca. It is my favorite fiber. We had a little texting and talking going on to find out what was the one to get. I mean how many people do this sort of thing? Probably more than might admit to it. Short story long, the yarn is from Blue Star Alpacas in Jackson, Maine. Maine...those lucky people. Their winters are nice and cold enough to wear all kinds of warm knitted things. In Texas it gets cold but not cold enough to really wear some of the lucious sweaters I see on Ravelry. This alpaca is collected on the local farm and spun right there. I love local businesses. So here is the newest yarn to add to the stash. I have to sit and look at it a while and it will tell me what it would like to be. Thanks Jane. I love it.


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Deborah said...

That's a wonderful gift. I have heard of that yarn but never had any.