Friday, January 30, 2009

Having Fun

Yesterday Allison, Jo and I went to Central Market in Southlake. A great store with so many choices that it is hard to decide what to buy. They have a great coffee section where you can grind your own beans. We stopped by Three Dog Bakery which is right across the parking lot from Central Market. This is a store we always make a stop at when we are that way. Jo loves it because the owner has five, yes five, mastiffs that occupy the store. They are so friendly and sweet and Jo thinks she must play with them every time we are that way. This is a great store that makes dog treats and has dog food and assessories. Stop by and pick up some treats for your dogs and while you are there enjoy the mastiffs. For perspective, Dozier on Jo's right weighs 200 pounds.

Today we went to story time at Barnes and Noble and then later had ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery. They put a kiddie ice cream in the waffle cone. That works for Jo as she likes the cone the best. She kept saying, "This is the best ice cream ever." Actually it really was. We have gotten at different places before but it was very creamy and good. She is such fun to be with.

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