Saturday, October 4, 2008

What a joy!

October in Texas. I am ready for some cool weather. I have one project that has had to be set aside because it is too hot and too heavy to have in my lap right now. October for the young means pumpkins and candy. I made my granddaughter a pumpkin hat. I was really surprised at her reaction when I gave it to her. She gets hats fairly often from her Aunt JE and I and she always likes them. When I handed her the pumpkin hat she actually caught her breath and said oohhh! Ok, it was only 91 degrees the day I gave it to her but it is October. Needless to say she had to wear it with her sundress. The face is Bernat's Glow in the Dark yarn. I told her if she goes in the bathroom and shuts the door it would be dark enough she could see the face in the mirror. I go on knitting jags and had already given her a hat that was made out of I Love This Yarn in Boo. It was of halloween colors of purple, orange, yellow, black and white verigated. Needless to say the pumkin hat went over big. Now, what will we do for Christmas?

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