Friday, December 12, 2008

Two Hours Of My Life That Were Not Wasted

Normally I would be writing of all the fun I had this week playing with Jo and the knitting I have also acomplished. News Flash--Glenn Beck was in Irving. In short he was supposed to be signing his new book at Borders in Dallas last night. I had been in Ponder playing with Jo while her parents were having some work done on their house. It took longer than expected and I actually had forgotten the book signing was last night. Yesterday morning I checked my e-mail before I left "The Ponderosa" and I had an updated e-mail saying that Glenn would be in Irving. I was shocked, I mean Dallas yes, but Irving? Not only that but at Wal-Mart. Not only Wal-Mart but the one I pass headed home. How could I not check and see if this was true. I actually had thought I might go home and get my camera and my book at the house but instead Allison and I got all the rest of the Chrismas shopping done (yeah!) so I was running a little later. I ended up at Wal-Mart at 6 pm. Glenn was set to arrive at 8 pm. Two hours, hmm, no chairs, nothing except a table of books. There were two policemen and one girl and I asked if she knew anything. Not really except he was supposed to be there at 8 pm. Well, ok, she saved my spot, #3, and I went and bought two more books and got back in line. No one really knew much except he was supposed to be there at 8. We really wondered if he would be there and one man finally found the assistant manager who said yes Glenn was signing and that he was flying in from Tyler. The line slowly grew in length. At one point one of Glenn's reps who was setting up brought a Marine up and asked if she could come to the front. We said not only could she but she should be the first to meet him. Our little group of about six people had a great time and talked about everything under the sun. Capt. Hoag told us about some of her service, the job she does now and that she had done two tours in Iraq. She was and is an excellent representative of what is good about our country. We chatted about Glenn's radio show and the fact that he has just made the move from CNN to FoxNews. Most agreed it was a good move. Glenn's rep came back and told us they were running late due to large crowds in Tyler. Most of the time you would groan at having to wait in line but really it was a lot of fun and went quickly. Glenn finally arrived about 8:30 with a smile on his face. I have no idea how long the line was but he signed non-stop for about half an hour. The average time spent with each person was probably 15 seconds. Now that might not seem long but with as many people as there were the line had to keep moving. He did sign as many books as you wanted, looked straight in your eyes, said thank you for coming and shook your hand. He also had enough time to a little conversation. You might not think you could get that much into 15-20 seconds but you can. Most people stood around and took pictures after getting their books signed. Glenn was on a tight schedule but he did not leave until everyone had their books signed and then stood there a few minutes for pictures. Then off he went to get on his bus and back to the airport. If you follow his show you know he is doing a tour and a show in which he presents his book, "The Christmas Sweater." My pictures are from my cell phone and none are of me. The last one is of Capt. Hoag. I did not get her face as after a few pictures I had no room left. This was definately fun and two hours that were not wasted. Yes Allison, I am resting today.

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